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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Chile fish cakes

Sr. no       INGREDIENTS        QTY     UNITS
1.                 Cod fillets                  450          gms.
2.                  Fish sauce                 2              tsp.
3.                 Red chilies                 2               no       
4.                  Garlic cloves             2               no
5.                  Lime leaves             10              no
6.                  Cilantro                    2               no
7.                   Egg                         2                 no.
8.                   AP flour                   ¼               cup
9.                   Green beans             100           gms
10.                 Chile dip                  To serve
11.                  Oil                                  

1.       Using a sharp knife  coarsely cut the cod fillets into size pieces.
2.       Process until finally chopped and turnout into a large mixture boul.
3.       Add the green beans to the cod fillet mixture and combine.
4.       Divide the mixture into small balls clatters the balls between the palm.
5.       Transfer the fish cake to serving plates and serve hot with Chile dip. 

COLOR: CONSISTENCY:  light yellowing.
SERVING SUGGESTIONS:  Chile dip to serve.

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