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Friday, 27 January 2012

how to make Potato stew

                                                           Potato stew

Sr. no       INGREDIENTS         QTY     UNITS
1.                  potato                         3            kg.
2.                  coconut milk                1            cup
3.                  water                        as required
4.                  ginger                            1            no
5.                  salt                                 to taste
6.                  oil                                 ½            lit
7.                   curry leaves                  1         sprinkle            
8.                   mustard seeds               2            no.
9.                   curry leaves                   1            tsp

Peel  potato and cube into medium pieces .
Cook it along with water and salt till it’s almost done add grated ginger and slice green pepper to it
Simmer the potatoes mixture and add coconut milk to it stir the mixture until it’s hot.
Serve hot with appear. and its the side dish for appear

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