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Monday, 23 January 2012


                                                        PANEER TIKKA
1.      Paneer                        800gm
2.      Turmeric                     3gm
3.      Black cumin seeds       3gm
4.      While pepper powder  3gm
5.      Ajwain                         5gm
6.      Salt                              to taste
7.      Garam masala              10gm
8.      Fenugreek (kasoori methi)  3gm
The batter
1.      Egg                              1
2.      Gram flour                   30gm
3.      Cream                          120ml
4.      Sast                              to taste

The paneer:- Cut into 16 equal sizes. Kikka(2*2*1). Eventually sprinkle black cumin, ajwain, 7gm of garam masala, white pepper, turmeric and salt keep a side.
The batter:- whisk egg in a bowl, add the remaining ingredients, mix well and leave the paneer in this batter for 45 minutes.
The oven:- Pre-heat to 275 degree F.
The skeweing:- Skewer the tikka one inch a part then skewer a raw onions to prevent the paneer for sliding downm, keep a tray under neat to collect the dripping.

1.       Roost in a moderately , hot tandoor for 10-12 minutes in charcoal greel for about some time.
2.      In a pre-heated oven for 12-14 minutes remove and sprinkle kasoori mathi and the remaining garam masala.

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