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Monday, 23 January 2012


                                             TANDOOR CHICKEN
1.      Boiler chicken              800gm
1.      Vinegar                        2tsp
2.      Red chilli powder        1/2tsp
3.      Oil                               3tsp
4.      Salt                              1tsp
1.      Yoghurt                       1cup
2.      Ginger paste                 2tsp
3.      Garlic paste                  1tsp
4.      Bey leaf                       1
5.      Cardamom green           4
6.      Mace                            1/4tsp
7.      Nutmeg                      1/4tsp
8.      Black pepper corns      1tsp
9.      Red chillies                  1tsp
10.  Oil                               1tsp
11.  Salt                              1tsp
12.  Food colour                 1tsp
13.  Ghee (basting)             1/4tsp

1.      Clean the chicken make cuts on the breast and legs, mix the ingredients of marinade-1.
2.      Rub the mix all over the chicken leave a side for 1 hour. Grind all the dry ingredients of marinade-2. Then mix them with the rest of ingredients, stir with a wooden spoon.
3.      Take a large bowl and pour in the marinade. Then place the chicken in it. Ideally the chicken should be well covered with the marinade.
4.      Roll it around by hand to effect permentation.
5.      Leave a side for six hours.
6.      Oil and wipe the skewer. Skewer the chicken . put the skewer into the tandoor and cook ten minutes.
7.      Remove and stand upright against the tandoor to let the drippings fall for about five minutes.
8.      Baste the chicken and put it back into the tandoor for ten minutes. When ready garnish and serve.

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