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Sunday, 22 January 2012


                                                     PLAIN PULAO
1.      Rice                
2.      Ghee
3.      Whole garam masala
4.      Green cardamom
5.      Black cardamom
6.      Cloves
7.      Cinnamon sticks
8.      Bay leafs
9.      Mace
10.  Cumin
11.  Water
12.  Salt

1.      Preparation the rice:- Pick, wash and soak for 30 minutes drain.
2.      Cooking:- Heat ghee in a handi, add garam masala and cumin, saute until they begin to crackle, add water (appr. 1 liter) and salt, bring to boil, then add rice bring to boil cook for 4 minutes.
3.      Place a wet cloth over the rice, over the handi with a lid and put on dum in a pre-heated over for 15 minutes (if there is excess water, use a dry cloth over the rice to enable to soak it).
4.      Remove un cover the handi and let the steam scape before floating rice with fork.  

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