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Monday, 23 January 2012


                                                  VEGETABLE PULAO
1.      Pulao rice                     500gm
2.      Peas                            115gm
3.      Beans                          115gm
4.      Carrots                        225gm
5.      Cauliflower                  55gm
6.      Tomatoes                    115gm
7.      Onions                        115gm
8.      Cardamom                 5gm
9.      Cloves                        5gm
10.  Cinnamon                   5gm
11.  Bay leaf                      5gm
12.  Pepper corn                5gm
13.  Salt                             to taste
14.  Fat                             100gm
15.  Water                         1litre

1.      Sheet, peas. Peel, cut carrots into long thin slices. Stiring and cut beans also into long slices. Break cauliflower into flowerets slice onions.
2.      Wash and drain rice, heat fat, fry onions till crisp and remove. Fry vegetables slightly and remove. Add whole slices and fry well.
3.      Add stock or water and cook when rice is ¾ done make a well in the centre and add vegetables, cover and cook on a slow fire with live coal on lid.
4.      Cook till rice and vegetables are tender. Mix well and serve hot.

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