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Sunday, 22 January 2012


1.      Mutton leg                   1kg
2.      Raw papaya                 100gm
3.      Roasted gram four       1tsp
4.      Pure ghee                     300gm
5.      Silver foil                     21 leaves
6.      Almond                                   5gm
7.      Salt                              to taste

Masala “A”
1.      Curd                            250gm
2.      Red chilli powder        5gm
3.      Onions sliced               200gm
4.      Ginger paste                 20gm
5.      Garlic juice                  20gm
6.      Saffron                                    1tsp

1.      Wash and clean the mutton leg and removing the membrans. Prick it well with a fork. Then apply crushed raw papaya and a tea spoon of salt on the Raan.
2.      Rub it so the papaya penetrates the meat, marinate 2 hours.
3.      Fry sliced onions to a golden brown colour and grind to a paste.
4.      Prepare masala “B” by roasting on a gridle the fruit three ingredients and grind to a paste adding the desiccate coconut. Also grind separately masala “C”.
5.      In the curd mix the onions paste, ginger paste, garlic juice, chilli powder, a pinch of saffron, edible yellow colour, roasted gram flour and salt. Apply on the mutton leg rubbing the marinate well so that it coast the leg eventually keep a side for 2 hours.
6.      Then cover the masala “B” and “C” mixed. Place the leg on a slow coal fire. Pour ghee and place leg with all the marin rein. Cover with a lid and place live coal on it and put it on dum for 15 minutes. Remove the lid and turn the roan, cover and cool for 15 minutes. Or till the meat is tender.
7.      Remove from lagan and serve hot on a large platen garnished with silver leave and finely chopped almonds.
8.      Goes well with sheermal.

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