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Thursday, 2 February 2012

how to make Paneer mirch

                                                       Paneer mirch

1.             paneer cubs               200      gm
2.             green chilies                10       no
3.             tomatoes                       3       no
4.             grinder garlic                 1       gm
5.             red chilies                    50      gm
6.             cumin seeds                   1      tsp
7.             oil                                 2      tsp
8.             ginger                           1      tsp
9.              salt                       to taste
10.          garam masal                ½               tsp
11.          coriander leaves           

Soak the red chilies in water for few min. and make a fine paste of them.
Heat oil in a pan fry the paneer cubes and put in the water.
Add in a small amount of oil fry the cumin seeds and onions till brown.
Add garlic ginger paste chopped ginger red chilies, chopped tomatoes and whole green chilies fry macula.
Add salt and garam macula until to this add paneer and and cook until the paneer is done and serve.

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