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Saturday, 21 January 2012

White chocolate coffee mouse

Sr. no       INGREDIENTS        QTY     UNITS
1.                white chocolate               250      gms
2.                 Butter                            3           tsp.
3.                 sugar                              5            tsp                                  
4.                 eggs                               6            no
5.                 cream heavy                  ½            cup

1.       Melt the chocolate with hot coffee in a double boiler add the butter and stir.
2.       Until melted remove.
3.       Put egg yolks sugar milk in a bowl and place it over a double boiler add whisk till melt.
4.       Then cool it and mix it with chocolate and in the eggs beating well.
5.       Remove cool whip it with cream adding the sugar gradually .
6.       Then heat the egg white stiff and fold the chocolate cream and egg  into the chocolate.
7.       Refrigerate and serve chilled.

COLOR: brown..
TEXTURE:  soft.
GARNISH: mint leaf water .

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