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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Chicken cutlets with capers

Sr. no       INGREDIENTS        QTY     UNITS
1.                chicken breast               ½          kg
2.                 olive oil                         2         tsp.
3.                 capers                          2          tsp                                  
4.                  white wine                   2          tsp
5.                  bay leaf                       2          no
6.                  milk                             ¼         lit
7.                  paprika                         2         tsp
8.                  lemon juice                    2         tsp
9.                  salt, white black pepper   to taste
10.                garlic                             2         no
11.                onions                           1         no.

1.       Take the breast of chicken bone less and clean properly.
2.       Chop garlic onions then marinate the chicken with mustered pate oil, lemon, juice, garlic, pepper and powder and onions for 20 min.
3.       Then put in blender and make a paste.
4.       Then make putts and pan fry with olive oil on the side it becomes golden fry.
Pan fry garlic vegetable:
1.       Cut cauliflower into plate.
2.       Carrots, potatoes into a cylinder shape.
3.       Then put the vegetables in the boiling water for boiling and remove.
4.       Heat butter in a pan add garlic, onions and sauté then add the vegetables and toss it.
Caper sauce:
1.       Heat butter add chopped garlic onions caper milk white wine lemon  juice as salt a pepper powder and sauté and remove.  

COLOR: light brown.
CONSISTENCY:  semi-solidly
TEXTURE:  soft.
GARNISH: garnish veg & sauce .

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