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Sunday, 22 January 2012


                                           MACCHI AMRITHSARI

1.      Fish                              800gm
2.      Ground nut oil              to fry
3.      Chaat masala               10gm
4.      Lemons                       1
5.      Gram flour                   60gm
6.      Flour                            60gm
7.      Corn flour                    60gm
8.      Salt                              as required
9.      Eggs                             2
10.  Ajwain                        65gm
11.  Ginger garlic                30gm
 paste                           40gm
12.  Red chilli powder         15gm
13.  Lemon juice                 30ml
14.  Orange colour              1tsp

The Fish:- Remove scales clean into steaks wash and put dry.
The Batter:- Mix the three flours with the remaining ingredients and water(appr.100ml) to make a better of            pouring consistency.
The Marination:- Leave the fish steaks in the batter for at least an hour.
The Lemon:- Wash and cut lemons into wedges.
Cooking:- Heat oil in a khadhai, shake off excess batter and fry the fish over medium heat until cooked crisp.
Serve:- Transfer to a dish sprinkle chaat masala and serve with lemon wedges and kachamber.

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