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Sunday, 22 January 2012


                                                      KASHMIRI MUTANJAN
1.      Mut                          1kg
2.      Onions                    115gm
3.      Cloves                         6
4.      Pepper corns                12
5.      Ginger                       10gm
6.      Coriander powder     5gm
7.      Cinnamon                    1
8.      Limes(large)                 2
9.      Sugar                       a pinch
10.  Salt                           to taste

1.      Pulao                           500gm
2.      Cloves                           6
3.      Pepper corns                12
4.      Cardamoms                 12
5.      Almonds                      15
6.      Saffron                         3/4tsp
7.      Milk                             1tsp
8.      Salt                              to taste
9.      Fat                               50gm

1.      Wash and cut meat and Put into a sauce pan and spices tied in muslin bag.
2.      Add salt and enough water to cover meat.
3.      Cook slowly till meat is tender and stock is reduced. (meat should simmer very slowly).
4.      Remove muslin bag and squeeze to draw out flavas.
5.      Add sugar and half the lime juice.
6.      Cook slowly till a syrup of one stirring consistency is obtained.
7.      Boil rice in water in which the remaining lime juice is added. When almost cooked drain thouroughly.
8.      Melt fat in a pan and add spices for rice and then meat.
9.      Add blanched and sliced almonds, water and saffron dissolved in milk.
10.  Cook till liquid is completely absorbed and rice is tender and dry. This can be done in the middle shelf of a moderate over.

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