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Friday, 27 January 2012

how to make Inji pulli

                                                    Inji pulli

Sr. no       INGREDIENTS       QTY     UNITS
1.                  Grainger                    250       gm.
2.                  Vinegar                      ½         cup
3.                  dry grated coconut       ½       cup
4.                  onions                          2         tsp
5.                  chili powder                  2         tsp
6.                   jiggery crumbled           2         tsp
7.                   turmeric powder           2         tsp
8.                   salt                               2         tsp
  for the seasoning:                     
10.                 mustard seeds               ½            tsp        
11.                 fenugreek seeds            ½             tsp
12.                 asafetida                       ½             tsp

Heat 2 tsp and sauté the seasoning ingredients.
Warm the remaining quantity of oil and add the celli and turmeric powder.
In the meantime clean and peel grinder.
Grind the ginger, coconut, onions jiggery salt and the fried ingredients to a smooth paste.
Mix the ground paste with the remaining quantity of warmed oil and the binger till combined.
Store the pickle in an air tight sterile jar.
The grinder pickle can be presented for 6 month and can be consumed almost immediately.
It is usually served with hot rice along with ghee or oil spooned over it.

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