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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Lemon Fish

Sr. no       INGREDIENTS        QTY     UNITS
1.                 Fish filers                   1            kg.
2.                  Corn flower              25          gms.
3.                 Salt & pepper             To taste          
4.                 Green chili paste         1            tsp
5.                 Garlic ginger              1            tsp
6.                 Orange juice               2           tsp
7.                 Onion scrimp        

1.       Mix the corn flower salt pepper and chili paste with the lemon juice and garlic ginger paste.
2.       Cover fine fillets in this corn flower. Put it in oven at 350c. remove from oven and pour the orange juice over it .
3.       Garnish with coriander and onion juice serve warm with salad and garlic bread.

Garlic Bread:
1.       Mix together dessert spoon garlic paste with 200 gms and apply to one side to sliced broad .
2.       Put together the slices and warm in foil and put in oven for 15 min serve.

GARNISH: Coriander & onion .

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