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Thursday, 2 February 2012

how to make Donda kaye vepudu

                                                        Donda kaye  vepudu

Sr. no       INGREDIENTS      QTY     UNITS
1.                 Donda kaye             500           gm.
2.                 ginger                         1             no
3.                 garlic                          3              no
4.                 beson                          2            tsp
5.                 rice flour                      2             tsp
6.                 coconut powder           2            tsp
7.                 mustered                     ½            tsp          
8.                 cumin seeds                1              tsp.
9.                 curry leaves                 2             tsp.

Cut the donda cage into small equal shapes.
Peel ginger, garlic into a paste ,add 2 tsp oil to a cookies pan on medium heat.
When the oil is hot add mustered when the mustered sputters add cumin seeds, curry leaves pinch of turmeric ginger garlic paste cook for a while.
Then add cut donda kayo salt and 1 tps chilli powder cover and cook for 10 min. Chirring occasionally.
Add seasoning rice hour and coconut powder stir well and cover and cook for 10 min. until cooked serve hot. 

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