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Thursday, 2 February 2012

how to make Laal maas

                                                          Laal maas

1.                  lamb                   500          gm.
2.                   onions                100          gm
3.                   oil                       100        gm
4.                   curd                   100         gm
5.                   onions paste        3            no.
 6.                  red chilies            10          no
7.                    coriander seeds    2            tsp
8.                    garlic paste          2            tsp 
9.                    turmeric powder   2           tsp
10.                  garam masala      ½             tsp
11.                  salt                    to taste.
12.                  coriander          10             gm

Cut and wash the lamb .
Make paste of red chilies and coriander seeds and strain mix lamb ,onion paste red chili coriander paste turmeric and salt keep aside for 10 min.
Heat oil in a pan sliced onions and fry until it brown remove from fire.
Add lamed mixed with spies  and cook till oil gets separated.
Add water in a pan and when it boils put the garlic paste simmer until lamb in cooked properly.
Add water if required finish with garam macula and coriander leaves.


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